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Boston Consulting Group x Welthungerhilfe Event


Sounds like an overpromise? Wait and see for yourself at our female-only event on September 8 and 9 in Munich. In two days, you will get to know our co-host, Welthungerhilfe, in person and discover firsthand how BCG tackles social problems worldwide. And since hunger is a worldwide issue, we are teaming up with our colleagues from Switzerland, Poland, Hungary, and the Czech Republic for the very first time for this event so you can get a wider perspective on the issue and how we as BCG work transnationally on the most important topics. You will not only be able to gain fascinating insights into our current projects and other NGO partners—together with your case team, you will actively look for solutions and come up with ideas that can make the world a better place. And if you like the group spirit, we can pave the way for your application with our subsequent interview training. Ready? Apply by August 14 and start your career with purpose.

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