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VERSCHOBEN - CareerDays – Workshop - Microsoft: Deployment in the cloud: infrastructure as a code

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Universität Bayreuth, SWO, Tagungszentrum

Many of our customers modernise their infrastructure by moving their servers and networks to the cloud in order to increase scalability, efficiency and performance while also reducing cost and maintainability. However, this is very challenging for big companies who have very extensive and complex infrastructure.
During this workshop, we will introduce you to the concept of cloud infrastructure and automatic deployment of resources into the cloud. With the Infrastructure as Code (IaC) model we use templates to define the configuration of the resources and pipelines to ensure continuous integration and deployment. You will learn about the principles of IaC, what problems it solves, how it is implemented and of course, experience some of it yourself. You will get the opportunity to deploy simple resources to the Azure Cloud with the use of Azure DevOps pipelines and get a closer look on how the interaction works.



Weitere Informationen zum Workshop und zu Microsoft finden Sie im Kurzprofil.

Verantwortlich für die Redaktion: Verena Marchl

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